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Home Workouts to try!

9 Week Control Freak

Grab a sneak-peek of one of the incredible workouts from 9 Week Control Freak program that is coming soon! Tabata Cardio (and core) is a workout you’ll do once a week in the program where you’ll do intervals to push your limits and annihilate calories.

30 Day Breakaway

A powerful combo of running and resistance training helps accelerate fat loss as you tone your entire body. In just 30 days, you’ll be fitter, faster, and ready to crush a 5K.

30 Day Breakaway Running Audio

#mbf (Muscle Burns Fat)

This sample workout feautures strength and cardio exercises that will give you a taste of the #mbf program. Get ready to BUILD MUSCLE and BURN FAT.

10 Rounds (Shadow Boxing Program)

This sweat-drenching boxing program delivers a maximum cardio burn by combining technique, repetition, and intensity for an incredible TOTAL-body workout!

Barre Blend (Barre Program)
Create a lean, toned physique through a fun fusion of ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training. Feel the burn as you sweat, stretch, and strengthen to energize your entire body!

4 Weeks of the Prep
(INTRO to 6 Weeks of the Work – Below)    

Challenge yourself with 4 Weeks of THE PREP, a series of functional training workouts designed to help get your body and mind ready for 6 Weeks of THE WORK!

6 Weeks of the Work
(INTENSE Program)

Leave your excuses at the door. For six intense weeks, you’ll take on relentless functional training to help you gain muscle, drop body fat, and achieve results you’ve never experienced before. 

Morning Meltdown 100
Torch calories with high-intensity cardio and resistance training, while a live DJ turns up the energy as you burn off pounds. Your goal: complete 100 workouts and unlock the best version of you. 

21 Day Fix (Real Time)
*GREAT program to start!

Get a major calorie burn, tone your muscles, and lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days with a different 30-minute real-time workout every day. Build on the moves weekly to get total-body results, faster. 

21 Day Fix EXTREME (Real Time)
This program helps you get serious results in 21 days with portion control and intense 30-minute workouts that progress from week to week for faster results. 

Transform 20 (Step Program)
*Can be done without one as well!
This program is a high-intensity, six-week workout and nutrition program that will help transform your body and mind in just 20 minutes a day. 

LIIFT (Lift. HIIT. Core. Done!)
This program combines heavy lifting and intense cardio to transform your body in 4 days a week. And with 32 unique, real-time workouts, you’ll never get bored, because you’ll never do the same one twice. 

Shift Shop (Ramp-up Style Program)
Each week gets longer:  Week 1: 25 minutes | Week 2: 35 minutes | Week 3: 45 minutes

Ready to reinvent yourself? The SHIFT SHOP with the Proving Grounds is a comprehensive system that pairs increasingly intense workouts with an eating plan to put your best results within reach. 

Mes de Mas (Spanish Workout Program)
Logra tus metas, pierde peso y aprende vivir mejor en tan solo un mes aplicando los cambios sencillos que Idalis Velazquez pondrá en tu rutina diaria.