Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

These Raspberry Cheesecake Bars ARE A HIT! I love them and in every bar, it’s a serving of fruit & a healthy fat. Honestly, even if I eat two of them, I’m levelling up from the daily ice-cream pop, so I call that a big win.


It's time to burn 🔥 People often think cardio and crash-dieting is the magic formula for losing weight, but that's why I like the trainer for this new program, Megan Davies. She focuses on turning your body into a fat-burning machine by building muscle, not starving yourself or doing cardio for 5 hours. And don’t … Continue reading #MBF TEST GROUP

Halfway through 2020

We’re 6 months into 2020 and when I look at my vision board for this year, it’s definitely not what I pictured. Just because this year is hard doesn’t mean I’m going to let it get in the way of my goals.