It's time to burn 🔥 People often think cardio and crash-dieting is the magic formula for losing weight, but that's why I like the trainer for this new program, Megan Davies. She focuses on turning your body into a fat-burning machine by building muscle, not starving yourself or doing cardio for 5 hours. And don’t … Continue reading #MBF TEST GROUP

No Equipment Workouts

Looking to workout at home during this unpredictable season? We have a variety of no equipement workouts for you to choose from! Pick any no-equipment workout on Beachbody On Demand from the list below — then just throw some workout clothes on and press “play.” No-Equipment Workouts on Beachbody On Demand 1. CORE DE FORCE Joel … Continue reading No Equipment Workouts

Lifestyle Mentorship

Are you stuck and looking for a change in lifestyle? Creating a healthy lifestyle is hard work! If it was easy, you wouldn't be considering this program. The easiest and fastest way, to get where you want to go is to not quit on yourself. In the past few months, I realized there was a … Continue reading Lifestyle Mentorship

2018 Reflection

Happy New Year! 🎉🎉 When I reflect on 2018, I keep thinking of the word opportunity. Many doors opened this year that I would have never imagined I'd have the chance to open. These opportunities helped me to see the possibility for 2019. A big focus in 2018 was my job, and by big I mean … Continue reading 2018 Reflection

It’s OK to Walk

There is so much pressure when you decide to become a runner. If you're a runner, you may be aware of some of the lingo: pace, form, dynamic stretching, stride, interval training, tempo run, cross training, rest day, fuel, endurance, 5K, 10K, runner's knee, etc. The list goes on! People often think when you become … Continue reading It’s OK to Walk