Packing 101

Packing is the worst, right? I just spent hours trying to fold, roll and stuff three weeks' worth of clothing and items into a suitcase without going over the 50-pound limit.  It was nearly impossible! By going through this pain, I’ve learned what not to do when it comes to packing for a trip. Here … Continue reading Packing 101

Find your creativity

I don't remember the last time I created for fun. Last July, I decided to take on an exciting project with a local magazine. I was allowed to shine my passions on digital media and women's health through their social media platforms and website. When I took on that amazing project, I began to tackle some big dreams I didn't even know I had in me. 

Sunny days are here!

Summer is finally here! It feels like we’ve been waiting forever. Before you run out to the beach or local pool, take a look at the expiry date on the sunscreen that’s been collecting dust since last year. Is it expired?