JOY GOALS: do you set them?

This week, I was challenged to set a ‘joy goal’ every week for the next month and I had no idea how hard that was for me. 

If you’ve never heard of this term, a joy goal is a goal that has no other achievement than to fill up your cup. It could be reading a book for pleasure or unplugging for a nature walk. Your goals will vary based on the things that bring you joy. 

I’m so used to setting goals that I can check off the list. It’s the achiever in me but to sit down and think about doing something simply for fun was hard to grasp. I do things daily for my self-care and happiness but I don’t set non-work related goals that brings me joy. That’s not how my brain works but I’m willing to try! 

This practice had me realize just how much I needed to set something for myself. Of course I love the idea of a weekly pedicure or trip to the bakery but that’s not realistic for me right now.  This week, instead of picking something specific, I’ve decided to 100% take Sunday off. I’m not checking emails, setting up newsletters or even a quick social post. I’m going to unplug and take the day off. 

This may sound simple but for me, this is a big step and I’m excited to see where this unplanned day takes me. 

What joy goal do you have this week? Does it come easy to you? 

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