How to Pivot, Profit and Thrive NOW 🔥

As a business owner, I get how hard it can be to grow your business during these challenging times. We need tools, hacks and tips to still reach our revenue goals by the end of 2020. Plus, still enjoy like and not get stuck in the news overload cycle. I want you to meet one of my friends, entrepreneur, business owner and sales coach: 

Her name is Helena Gibson, and she is the creator of The 7-Figure Salon Academy, where she teaches her clients how to scale past the 7-figure ceiling and be able to live a fulfilled life, in which their business supports their lifestyle dreams. 

Helena started her entrepreneurial journey with her first business in 2002 as a single mother, after having quit her corporate job to start her own auto repair shop. What she needed was her own business that she could build around her life, NOT a life that she would build around her work. After all, Helena’s daughter was only about 4 at the time, and she was not about to miss her only child’s recitals just to go to her corporate job!

Fast forward to 2020, and Helena still owns and operates Strut Hair Solutions Inc. with two locations in California. As one might imagine, COVID hit her businesses like any other, but she managed to adapt in such a way that they’ve pivoted their strategies, and are still thriving. This inspired her to create the summit How to Pivot Profit and Thrive During Challenging Times. These are the experts she admires and follows to keep her on top of her game and the tools and tips she needed to stay on top. 

In this summit, Helena interviews 20 experts in their respective fields of Mindset, Sales and Profit who are still pivoting, profiting, and thriving during this crazy time (including myself!). 

Here is a personal invitation for you to attend the summit. You can register using this link:

Just so you know, you’ll be able to watch the videos from your home, office, or on-the-go, because you won’t want to miss this. 

This summit is for small business owners of salons, retail businesses, or service-based businesses that still want to hit their revenue & lifestyle goals in 2020.

Below is a taste of what’s going to be covered in the video interviews. 

How to: 

  • Discover what makes us happy
  • Bring joy into your life
  • Have an empowered mindset
  • Learn the art of interrupting stress
  • Have empowered sales conversations which leads to sales
  • Uncover hidden profits in your business(es)
  • Understanding the importance of cash flow
  • Elevate and increase brand awareness

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