It’s time to burn 🔥

People often think cardio and crash-dieting is the magic formula for losing weight, but that’s why I like the trainer for this new program, Megan Davies. She focuses on turning your body into a fat-burning machine by building muscle, not starving yourself or doing cardio for 5 hours. And don’t stress, I PROMISE you, if bulky is not your goal, you won’t get that way, but if it is, you can always lift extra heavy 😉 

In both #mbf and #mbfa, the workouts are set to the music beat, so you know the level of intensity you’ll need to help you succeed. You don’t have to stress about keeping up with anyone else, but you can keep your own pace, as best you can and find your own rhythm.

For some moves, you’ll use two dumbbells, and for others, you’ll use just one to put your body off-balance. This combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical training will challenge your core and engage more muscles throughout your body. Most workouts utilize the BOD Ropes, the Cordless Indoor Jump Rope, with weighted handles to help you focus on your speed and effort while reducing the chance of tripping. 

NEW to this group, for the first time ever, the bundles include BOTH of our video-based, healthy eating programs, proven for the long term, without starving or depriving you of the foods you love. For a more STRUCTURED plan, Ultimate Portion Fix gives you control over food by managing portions with colour-coded containers to help you create bomb meals to help you reach goals. For a more flexible approach, 2B Mindset lets you eat larger volumes of food to help you feel satisfied physically and emotionally. The good thing is that you get access to BOTH programs with this, so you can test both out and see what you like – I know this wasn’t a ton of info on them, but I can share more details about any of those if you want, just let me know.

And the best part 🙂 – my accountability test group, this is where we share every day, have daily challenges, and what is gonna be the support system that actually helps you stay on track – as long as you stay engaged. It’s just a small check-in online to the group every day, adding no more than a few minutes to your day.

Want to give it a try for free? Check out the sample workout here.

The test group kicks off on August 3rd and I can’t wait to crush it with you. Send me an email at balancetoblissfit@gmail.com to learn more about the options to sign up!

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