Lighten your life with travel

There’s something special about travelling somewhere new that can renew your daily perspective.

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye

There’s something about travel that lightens your mind. It’s something only a true traveller can understand. Yes, there’s anxiety and stress that comes with a vacation, but there is also a sense of calm that’ll leave you feeling lighter, both physically and psychologically, before, during and after your travels.

It starts with a plan

It all starts with a plan. You sit down with a vision of a destination and write a list of what your trip could look like.

Where to go? What to see? What to do?

The anticipation brings your mind to a whole new place. It’s a refreshing escape from the stressful day you just endured. Through the planning process, you develop an excitement for something new. An adventure and a new sight to look forward too, which eases your typical daily aggravations.

Leading up to your vacation, the day to day demands can be hard and by planning your trip a little bit each day it will ease your mind and help you escape the mundane tasks. This will cut down on stress levels, which will lower your chances of developing heart disease (write that on your vacation request form – need a vacation to save my life). 

As you pack your bags and get ready to leave, the anticipation gets higher and you are ready to take a much-needed break from your reality. 

Getaway from it all

From the second you start your trip, something shifts. The excitement sets in. Besides the obvious great things about being on vacation, this trip you’ve been planning is so much more than an opportunity to sip margaritas all day – it’s a chance to get outside your comfort zone, grow your mind and boost your creativity. 

Every trip you take is more than a stamp on your passport, it’s an excuse to reinvent yourself. You are more confident in this new place without your daily stressors or insecurities. You feel calm and at peace with who you are. You will face new experiences, try new foods, and conquer your fears like ziplining through the Amazon or exploring a new city with little understanding of the native language. 

As you face these trials, you’ll be surprised to meet the person you become as you travel more. She is fierce, she’s outgoing and she’s ready to say yes to anything.

Take that feeling home

Did you know that three days after taking a vacation, travellers report feeling less anxious, more rested and in a better mood? This feeling of peace tends to linger for weeks after the trip has ended. It can better their relationships, their work and their outlook on life.

As you enjoy the new free spirit travel vibes, how can you make it last longer than a few weeks? Are you dreading heading back to the office? Excited to share your adventure but cringe at the thought of opening your email inbox? You need to let those anxieties go and focus on the memories you have. This newfound enlightenment will be wasted if you go back to your old ways.

There are ways to embrace this mindset every day to keep that beautiful free spirit alive! Start by getting out more with your friends, try new restaurants, say yes to attending parties, express yourself with a new fitness or art class and take time to ‘recharge your batteries’.

You can live a vacation lifestyle every day, the mindset can live on and as you do so, you may start to appreciate your time at home more. How beautiful would it be to wake up every day feeling the way you do on vacation?

These adventures are a gift and not everyone gets the luxury to travel. Embrace every day and if you have the chance to grow through travel, seize it. There is no better time than right now. Would you rather say – “I’m so glad I did” or “I wish I had”?

You won’t regret seeing something new, expanding your knowledge and trusting your inner travel goddess to teach you something new about yourself. 


Printed in April/May issue of OptiMYz Magazine.

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