29 years young

Well, my birthday has come and gone…the big 29!

I’m facing my last year in my 20s, can believe it? Where has the time gone?

I’m so grateful for where I am in life but I can’t help but be in that awkward place where I try to figure out what I really want at this point in my life.

Do you ever face that? You think you should be somewhere in your life by now and you’re not.

I feel like I’m beyond where I ever thought I would be by 29 but I still have so many questions. I’m working hard every single day to achieve my goals but sometimes I wonder what I could have done differently.

BUT it’s important to focus on where you are now & what you’re doing to achieve the things you want in life. Forget about the “what-ifs” and focus on what you can do today.

If your goal is confidence, what action can you take today to achieve that? Self-care? Personal development? Affirmations?

If your goal is a promotion at work? Where can you put your focus to make that happen?  Work smarter, not harder!

You can make anything happen, don’t forget that. I’m working to remind myself every single day to take action in this transitional time of my life (and stress a lot less…).

“Don’t brood. Get on with living and loving. You don’t have forever.”

Leo Buscaglia

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