2018 Reflection

Happy New Year! 🎉🎉

When I reflect on 2018, I keep thinking of the word opportunity. Many doors opened this year that I would have never imagined I’d have the chance to open. These opportunities helped me to see the possibility for 2019.

A big focus in 2018 was my job, and by big I mean my whole focus. As my social media presence grew, so did my fulltime role at New Castle Hotels and I took on a social media and digital editing role at Optimyz Magazine.

Although I love working my creative butt off, this year I’m focusing on a few different goals for 2019 –  like quality moments with those I love, taking time to move daily and making a shift to time freedom.

As you know, I’m all about ‘feeling your best’ rather than the number on the scale so my main goal is my strength, both physical and mental. One thing that helps me with that is race training. I have a 10km race in two weeks and a half marathon in June. I’ve been sponsored by the Bluenose Marathon and will be training with Team Myles for their half marathon. I’ve always loved the release running gives me but I miss the team connection. I work at home, work out in my home and running was another sport I did alone so I’m really excited to meet some new friends and get out this year.

Other than running, I’m focusing on my overall wellbeing – mostly stress management. I put a lot of unnecessary stress on myself in 2018 when I took on some extra work but I’m going to do my best to manage that with meditation, yoga and journaling. I’m learning to take breaks and time for myself. After taking a full 24 hours off of screens for my eye surgery this past weekend, it made it clear how much my mind needs that. With three jobs, I don’t get the opportunity often but this year I’ll be making a point to do it once a month.

This year I’m taking bold choices for myself. I have a big plan for this year that I can’t quite share yet but stay tuned on the blog weekly for a new post. I’ll be posting every Monday and now that work is starting to level out, Glen & I are hoping to bring back Loving Greatly. We put the vlog on pause a few months ago so we could balance work, life & our relationship.

I can’t wait to tackle this year with you. If you need help with a vision board or goal setting, please let me know! I’d be happy to help you make both challenging and attainable goals for 2019!

🌟 Wishing you everything you ever dreamed of in 2019 🌟

– Jessica


The word for 2018: opportunity
The word for 2019: bold & possibility

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