Be Creative – it’s good for you!

There’s nothing like using your creativity on a daily basis.

As a kid, my mom always reminded me that I was great at art. I could colour for hours and art was definetly my “talent”. What she didn’t realize is that anyone can be good at art if they’re given lines to colour in.

It takes thought and creativity to dream outside the lines.

I actually was the worst at free hand art. Bless my mother’s heart for trying to build my confidence but there was no way I could ever make a living as an artist.

It wasn’t until my first year of university that I knew I had a creative mind. It wasn’t made for biology and chemistry (although I wished so bad it was). My mind was made to create words – to write and to speak. I was created to use my mind to share with the world and I’m so grateful for my time at Mount Saint Vincent University for teaching me that.

Now let’s be real, I love to word vomit all over the place but I hate grammar, editting and all the other components a true writer needs. And that’s ok! With creativity comes struggle. Embrace the things that frusterate you about your passion because those are the things that will help you grow.

Maybe you love fashion and want to open a shop but you suck at accounting and finances, don’t let that hold you back! The world needs more people like you to follow your dreams and inspire the world to be creative. The best part about creativity is the learning process that comes with it.

If you don’t know what your creative gift is, start here:

  1. Read a book: find a book on something that interests you – maybe it’s music, cooking or anime. Don’t let it collect dust on the self, READ IT! If you feel a flicker in your heart, it could be something to try!
  2. Get curious: try new things – go to community classes, follow people on social media, talk to friends, you can’t find your creativity if you don’t seek it.
  3. Meditate: sit down, be still and let your mind discover your creativity. If you feel a pull in a direction, get curious about it and read a book.

And most importantly, don’t give up. If your dream hasn’t come to life yet – that’s ok! There’s no time limit on chasing your creativity.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

~Erich Fromm