When life gets busy…


Let’s be real, summer is chaotic! It’s filled with family parties, weekends away, work schedules, vacation time, summer camps, the list goes on!

But one thing I’ve learned is when life gets crazy, embrace the chaos. That’s the only way you’re going to overcome it.

For me, when I start to get overwhelmed with my schedule, I plan things out. I take time to brain dump everything I have to do and then prioritize it.

Take time? You have time? Where do you get that?

Calm down. Remember we all have the same 24 hours in a day. When we manage it right, we can achieve some pretty remarkable things.

This past month has been insane for me. I’ve been trying to figure out the perfect balance to get the most work done and I’ll be honest, I feel like I’m drowning in all of them.

You can only fill your plate so much before you need to find what matters most. For me, that includes my family, my friends and my health – everything after that will have to fall into place.

Here are my three tips for prioritizing and rocking your chaos:

  1. Plan your week: Take 15 minutes on Sunday to make a rough sketch of your week. Schedule appointments, work, meetings, special dates and meals for the week. When things get crazy, we can often miss important deadlines but if you plan your week ahead of time, that won’t happen.
  2. Meal prep: When life gets crazy we often cut corners on our health. Nuh uh, not here! That will put more stress on your body and cause more problems. Have some prepped foods on hand to easily toss up a stirfry or salad when you’re in a rush. I like to wash all my fruits and veggies for easy snacking and cook up chicken and rice to keep in my fridge for last minute meals.
  3. Make yourself a priority: Find 10 minutes a day that is dedicated to you and your sanity. Do something your passionate about. Don’t scroll social media and compare yourself to everyone else. Actually take time for you! If you enjoy writing, grab your journal and get some writing done. If you like yoga, find a quick sequence and truly enjoy it. Or maybe you like to sip a cup of coffee and read the paper, do it. Find your peace and treat yourself to minimum 10 minutes a day.

I’d love to tell you that life is going to slow down but it’s not. It will always be crazy and unexpected. You need to embrace the chaos and hold on for dear life because we’re only human and that’s the best we can do.



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