Survive the Early Evenings

Are you feeling the impact of these short days? I don’t know if it feels earlier than other years but MAN am I ever feeling the affects of the early evenings.

I feel like sleeping more, tripling up on caffeine and curling up on the coach watching Netflix morning, noon and night! Please tell me I’m not alone.

With all this lack of motivation, I’ve been trying to find ways to ignore the above feeling and push through to make this a goal crushing season! Below are my top five tips for feeling your best throughout the winter.

5 tips for overcoming early evenings:

  1. Stay on routine – Don’t change your typical schedule just because the sun doesn’t rise and set at the same time. Wake up and go to bed at your usual time.
  2. Drink lots of water and don’t over-cafeinate – Super-caffeinating is a band-aid for the dark days (a delicious, delicious band-aid…) but that only makes things worse by screwing with your internal clock and that afternoon sugar crash.
  3. Vitamin D – Make sure you get your vitamin D! Take a lunch time walk but if you’re really feeling sluggish, take a vitamin D supplement in the morning.
  4. Don’t skip your workout – Find the time to sweat it out. I hate waking up before the sun but I do it so I can start my day with mental clarity.
  5. Wake up & go to bed with personal development – 10 minutes of a healthy book can help you push beyond limits. There’s something really special about starting and ending your day with a smile. If you’re looking for a suggestion, I’d love to help!

I know the winter is a time where most of us put on a few comfort pounds but trust me, you’ll be a lot happier if you stick to your normal routine. Don’t let the sun cycle affect your life and progress – keep on rocking this life you’ve created!

“When you’re out of willpower, you can call on stubbornness”
– Henri Matisse

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