Find your Happiness

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot this past month. January was a transformative month in my life. At the beginning of 2017, I had 3 jobs. My life was filled with endless hours of pleasing other people. Between the wonky hours of my full-time job, off hours of coaching and a few hours of part-time work at the gym, my schedule was full. I had no time to focus on important relationships. I was exhausted at the end of the day and sacrificed calling my family for sleep. I was run down, depressed and in search of the life I always dreamed about.

After a lot of thought and several break downs in December, I finally got the guts to quit my part-time job. It wasn’t much but I would finally have one night during the week to have dinner with my husband and focus on my fitness coaching. Shortly after that happened, I got a call for a job opportunity that was perfect for me. A chance to be creative on social media and put my writing to good use. Within two weeks, I had put my notice into two of my three jobs.

Now I’m sure as an outsider most people who only see my social media would think I have a beautiful, wonderful life and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely do. I have an incredible husband, loving family, warm house, fuzzy fur babies, great friends, a healthy body, food in my fridge…and the list goes on. Everything in my life was great except my flame wasn’t ignited and my purpose was not being fulfilled. As a young educated woman, I have a purpose to bring something to this world and aside from my joyful attitude, that wasn’t being accomplished.

Now that you have a background, I’m going to share with you how I found my happiness in four simple steps. This process isn’t smooth or happens overnight but it’s definitely worth the time if you’re truly seeking a better life.

1. Define happiness to you:

Find out what happiness is to you because it’s different for everyone. For me, happiness was fulfillment and finding a way to put my creativity to work.

2. Make a list of what makes you happy:

Make a list filled with the many things that make you happy. Do your best to tie your definition from above into it. Some of my list included a great relationship with my husband, helping others live a healthy life, cooking healthy comfort foods, making people smile, working out…the list goes on.

3. Accept that you are where you are for now:

Make the most of the opportunities you’ve been given. You might not be where you want today but smile anyway and remember to enjoy the process. Seize today and everything it has to offer because when you look back you’ll only have the memories.

4. Don’t give up till you get it:

This is the most important step in the process. I started my search for happiness over a year ago. I applied and interviewed for new jobs over and over, always coming short. This process doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work to find your passion and if you don’t give up, I promise you’ll find it.

Although it’s been short, 2017 has been eye opening for me. I wonder why I sacrificed so much time but honestly, when I look back I see hardships but also experiences. I had a chance to see the blessing in each of my sacrifices along with being a blessing to those who needed me. Your path to happiness is going to look a whole lot different than mine but hopefully the outcome is the same.

Share with me your journey, goals, stories, or even what you had for dinner. I would love be a part of your life and remind you that you’re not alone. Contact me through Facebook (Jessica Clerke), Instagram ( or Twitter (balancetobliss).





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