Just what I needed…

After a very busy and stressful 2016, Glen and I decided to start the new year with a relaxing trip to Cancun and it was just what I needed. A week in Cancun with no worries about time, cooking, laundry, work, the list goes on. We went down there with no itinerary, plans or schedule. Complete freedom for seven days!

We booked our trip with Sunwing Vacations for a week at the Riu Cancun. This resort had everything we ever needed, a beach, several pools, multiple restaurants, bars and non-stop fun. It was absolutely beautiful and the food was delicious. I could have lived on guacamole and pico for the whole week!


In seven days, we had the opportunity to unwind, destress and start the year with a fresh mind. It made no difference where we were going, all I knew was that it was time to take a trip with my husband.


The top reasons that I needed a trip and why you should take one too:

  1. Rejuvenate my energy for a new year filled with big goals. I needed a power boost for more energy on a daily basis.
  2. A blast of Vitamin D was needed for my happiness level. A boost in my happiness has made my return more productive.
  3. A health break – My body needed a break from long workouts and strict meal plan. My stomach actually felt better when I gave it a break from my schedule.
  4. Time for relationship growth was necessary for my marriage and friendships and my self-care!

I urge everyone to travel. Not only to see new places, taste new things and meet new people, but also to enjoy the chance to revive your spirit and give your mind a fresh start.


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”


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