Christmas Traditions – Married Style


I still can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner and with each day I get more excited to complete the traditions that we’ve built over the last 5 years together. Christmas as a childless, married couple, that lives away from their families can be tough and awkward. It’s a weird transition for any family but starting your own traditions is a great way to strengthen your relationship and enjoy the festivities.

We’ve created a lot traditions that I look forward to every year. Each year it seems we add a new one to the list and I thought I would share a few of those with you.

  1. Enjoy Christmas movies together – I love all Christmas movies, including the cheesy love stories, cartoon oldies and the recent rom coms about stressful Christmases.
  2. Classic family photo – Every year we’re together Glen and I take a photo with a Christmas tree. That can be our tree, a family’s tree or one we found on the street, any tree will do. It’s grown from just the two of us, to with Benny and now with Murphy (Yes, we’re a crazy cat shame).
  3. Christmas jammies – Who doesn’t love getting cozy with Santa’s face plasted all over their body? Or a giant rudolph on their nighty? Christmas pajamas are a must…every year. You will never own enough Christmas themed outfits.
  4. Lots of carols – Glen and I love to sing. Neither of us are very good but we’re not afraid to sing loud and proud on our Christmas road trips.
  5. The Christmas light tour – Every year we map out the route for the best lights. We pick up a holiday latte and take a tour of the city. It’s one of the most magical nights of the season.

So this holiday season, I wish you many happy memories with your loved ones, both family and friends. I hope you have an incredible holiday season and you begin to create your own Christmas journey.


“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone” – Charles Schulz

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