Building a Better Community

Colorful  solidarity design tree

“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.”  Dorothy Day

Life is a popularity contest or at least that’s how it seems today.

We receive validation from friend requests, likes and shares. We post every piece of our life on social media, well at least the good pieces, to brag or to prove our life has purpose.

And it only seems to be getting worse with the recent election and  internet stardom, people can spend more time looking down at their smartphone and less time with the people they love.

I’ve fallen into the bad habit of checking my phone first thing when I wake up. I start my day with notifications, messages and the news. My morning starts with stress. What a rotten way to start a beautiful day.

In the last few weeks, Glen and I have been working on new ways to kick stress aside and connect with people, the old fashion way, face to face.

Since becoming a coach, I’ve learned the importance of building a community. It’s funny how I can be best friends with someone half way around the world and not even know the name of the person across the street. We should be ashamed of our lack of desire for connectivity.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love sharing snaps of my day and motivating you on your journey but I also want to do that in person more often and if I cant I want to spend time messaging you personally or on Skype.

Our community is always growing. A friend request here, a new follower there but always remember where your real desire lies and connect with those around you. Remember the smallest gesture can make someones day. Try a compliment, a coffee or my favorite, a hug!

I’d love to catch up with you, or if we’ve never met before, please introduce yourself. As my community grows, I want to build a community, not a following.




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