The First Year

Can you believe that Glen and I have been married for a year? It seems like just yesterday we read our vows to each other.

Today, in front of all these people I get to prove to you how much you actually mean to me and how grateful I am to share this life with you. With this marriage, I vow to remind you of that everyday. I vow to share many memories with you, all memories including the laughter, the fun, the excitement and the tears. And when the tears come, I vow to remind you of this very special moment where we called dibs for the rest of our days.

Throughout this year, we’ve heard it all: “the first year’s the hardest, it builds your foundation” and the opposite, “it’s all downhill from here”. We’re still not sure which one to believe but ask us again in 10 years.

In the past year, we had a great opportunity to grow our relationship without the extra stress of planning a wedding or renovating a house (thank God!). Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of new stress when you get married but it’s on a different level.

In our relationship, stress is more manageable since I married Glen. He’s my rock and helps me get through the worst of days. He supports all my crazy ideas, always considers my ever-changing food sensitivities and provides me with more love than any girl could ever need.

Marriage, in our scenario has been an incredible blessing but I have also had the opportunity to see why they can crumble. After a lot of thought about why it seems so effortless for our relationship, I’ve put together a few things for you to consider before signing that life-binding document.

1. Is my partner my favorite human on earth? 

This may vary if you have children. I understand that but consider it without having your children as a factor. Or maybe try this question instead, is my partner my favorite adult on earth?

2. Does my partner bring value to my life?

Is your life bucket filled by their presence? Do they help you become the person you always strive to be?

3. On a snowy day, with no power and all your electronics are dead, could I spend the day alone with my partner?

We’re from Canada, this day will come, and when it does are you prepared to spend it with one person? There will be no distractions, no pictures to share with your followers, just a full day together.

Thankfully in our house those are easy questions to answer (at least I can answer them easily, maybe we should ask Glen’s opinion too). We’ve build our relationship on communication and food and it works for us!

It won’t always be easy but if Glen continues to feed me and I continue to spend time with him, we may be able to make it to 50 years.

If you’re looking for something to read, try the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman ( it can help change your perspective on relationships.

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time. – Julia Child

One thought on “The First Year

  1. livyourlife says:

    I love you guys. Reading how happy and effortless your marriage and relationship is gives me so much hope that one day I’ll find the same (when I’m finished conquering the world),

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