Take a vacation!


I recently escaped for an amazing weeklong getaway with my husband and some of our close friends. We rented a cottage about an hour outside of Halifax on the lake. It was a perfect way to end our summer. Summer is always a happy season but it can also be the busiest season with company visiting, barbecues and weekend trips.

This vacation was definitely needed by all of us and we made sure to take advantage of everyday. We took mini roadtrips filled with hiking, ziplining, sailing and more. We had time to rest, play games, read and catch up. A vacation is a must for everyone. I’ve put together my 5 top reasons why you should take a vacation:

  1. REST: A vacation is a great way to catch up on your rest. Every morning you wake up to your buzzing alarm clock, chow down on your breakfast and rush out the door, only to get stuck in the rush hour traffic. Your day is filled with stressors that you don’t have to worry about on vacation. By taking a break from that extra stress, you will be rested and be ready for routine again once the week is up.
  2. RESTORE: This is a time to put your busy life aside and restore relationships with the people you love. Many nights I rush home at 9 pm to give my husband a quick kiss before he leaves for hockey or before we get ready for bed. Vacation gives you the opportunity to relax together, chat and build on your friendship.
  3. RELAX: How often do you get to wake up, cook a delicious breakfast, while sipping your coffee and reading a book? If you’re like me, not too often. Vacation is a chance to take things slow. There is no rush, giving you time to relax!
  4. REDISCOVER: When you’re on vacation, you have an opportunity to take part in activities you use to love or find new ones. Who would have thought that I would love the flume at Upper Clements Park? I could have gone around and around all day. I’m so glad I had the chance to rediscover my childhood at Upper Clements.
  5. RECREATION: Take time to be active and have fun. When you’re on vacation, you can do anything you want. Enjoy a game of washer toss, take a swim, or go for a hike. Vacation is a great opportunity to have fun and be active.


Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to Asia or checking out the coffee shop down the street. Take some time to find your vacation and apply the 5 R’s to it.

Happy Vacationing!

A good vacation is over when you begin to yearn for your work. -Morris Fishbein

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