26 Goals For My 26th Year

As of Sunday, I am officially 26 and unlike many people who begin the journey into the late twenties, I have no anxiety about it. I think that’s the case for several reason, the first being that I’ve already accomplished a lot in my first 25 years. Secondly, because I have a lot more to accomplish in the next 25 years and I don’t have time to waste on the extra stress.


“Do not count the candles but notice the light they give. Do not count the years; look at the life you live”.

In the spirit of my birthday, I have created a list of 26 things I would like to accomplish in the next year to ensure that I live it to the fullest.

Here starts many accomplishments to make the best year yet!

  1. Complete my first half marathon
  2. Travel somewhere new, whether that is in Nova Scotia or across the globe, as long as I have never been there before
  3. Love my body at my best and my worst
  4. Spend more time with people
  5. Spend less time with technology
  6. Invest in Balance to Bliss
  7. Eat whole foods, most of the time
  8. Network more
  9. Read a book a month
  10. Pay off all my student debt
  11. Try skiing for the first time
  12. Strengthen relationships with family and friends
  13. Meditate weekly and manage stress efficiently
  14. Hike along the Cabot Trail
  15. Save more – 10% of every paycheck to be saved
  16. Get involved in The Canadian Public Relations Society
  17. Finish our basement office and home gym space
  18. Take more risks
  19. Solve my tummy issues
  20. Floss more often
  21. Don’t worry about what other people think
  22. Attend more concerts with Glen
  23. Smile everyday
  24. Be grateful
  25. Lace up my sneakers more often
  26. Enjoy every moment of my 26th year

So there is a lot to do in the next 12 months to make this an outstanding year. What are your goals for this year? What do you want to accomplish to make the best of tomorrow? Share it with me! I’d love to be able to help you out and hold you accountable.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – Les Brown

One thought on “26 Goals For My 26th Year

  1. Erin says:

    So great to see how hard you’re working — and also putting a priority on your happiness! Thanks for being so motivating 🙂

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