Spin 4 Kids – Changing the Lives of Canadian Kids

Spin 4 Kids

As many of you may know, I have been working for Goodlife Fitness for the past year as both a Motivator and a Jump Associate. For those of you who don’t know what Jump is, it is the gym’s daycare program. Parents can purchase a membership or pay a drop in fee for their kids to play in the daycare while they can enjoy a stress free workout. I love this program, not only because I love spending time with some great kids, but because I love what this program stands for. It teaches children healthy habits at an early age and helps to give them a healthy image of what the gym is built for.

Every year, at the beginning of March, the Goodlife Kids foundation puts on a fundraiser called Spin 4 Kids. This years event will be held on March 5th at the World Trade Convention Centre. GoodLife Kids Foundation is a private foundation whose vision is for every Canadian kid to have the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life. To date, GoodLife Kids Foundation has impacted over 235,000 children ages 4-14 through physical activity opportunities supported by the GoodLife4Kids School Program, Grant Program and Win 4 Kids contest.

This event raises funds and awareness for Canadian children’s activities. The money raised from this event goes directly into your community. Last year, the money raised was distributed through several programs across Nova Scotia including Bridgeway Academy’s Active Chill Time program for students who have learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the Motor Activities with X (MAX) at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish. MAX supports children ages 4-18 with various forms of physical, emotional, intellectual and developmental disabilities as they participate in community-based physical activity programs.

The beauty of Spin 4 Kids is that you’ll be raising funds for kids activities by staying active. This fun event is exactly what it sounds like, raising funds through exhilarating spin classes. I’ll be honest with you, I hate spin class but I think I can handle the challenge for one day and it’s a good opportunity for some cross training for the Bluenose race.

I’m writing this piece for two reason: the first one to build awareness of the Goodlife Kids Foundation and the amazing things they are doing. The second is to ask for your help and sponsorship for this event. The money both Glen and I raise will help GoodLife Kids Foundation support national, provincial and local programs that provide ongoing physical activity opportunities for kids and remove some of the barriers currently preventing children from living healthy lives.  Over 235,000 kids have be impacted to date, and with your fundraising efforts we can help more!

There is only two weeks left til the main event and I would love to have the opportunity to make a difference with not only my personal donation, but with the help of yours. If every reader took a few minutes to donate anything, even $5, we will make a huge impact on March 5th.

Here is the link to my donation page: Jessica Clerke’s fundraising page

I thank you for your incredible support both with this event and every week when reading my posts.

Lots of love,








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