A new age Valentine’s Day

A new age Valentine’s Day


Every year people stress over the starry-eyed holiday called Valentine’s Day. Every year women wonder what grand gesture their boyfriend or husband will surprise them with. Will he bring home flowers? Will we go out for a romantic dinner? Will he propose? The stress revolved around this holiday can lead to great disappointment and regret.

Thankfully, over the last few years Valentine’s Day is starting to take a turn. It’s become more of a love day without traditions, and more importantly expectations. Valentine’s Day is now a day filled with friends, family and even singles parties. It is a day to show all the people around you that they are loved by you.

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. Why? Because everyone is always more affectionate. They take time out of their day to spread love and be a lot less negative towards the special people in their life. Above all that, it’s because I love chocolate, and this holiday has a surplus of it.

Valentine’s Day is not about the grand gestures but about the small ones (at least that’s the case in our relationship). We spent Valentine’s Day walking around an outdoor equipment store with a two year old to give two parents a few hours of peace. Why would we spend our Valentine’s Day like that? Because we absolutely love spending time with our nephew and we love his parents enough to give them the gift of a few hours without screaming, cheerios flying or cartoons.

The new age Valentine’s Day is about showing people you care. It may not live up to your expectations but I also never expected to be married to the man of my dreams, in our warm house, eating homemade soup and bread with a cozy cat providing us with endless amounts of entertainment and cuddles. Lucky for us in our house, every day is Valentine’s Day and we’re incredibly grateful for that.

“Joy comes in many forms – family, career, ambitions and achievements, but the source of all my joy is having a wonderful man like you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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