What to pack when training on vacation

We’ve landed back in Canada just in time for the epic Canadian blizzard of the year. Thankfully, while we were away for two weeks, we kept active in between naps and trips to the beach, and we’re ready to shovel.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve reluctantly decided to run the Bluenose half marathon. Our vacation landed in between my training schedule so while we were away I did my best to stay on track, even when my meal plan was thrown out the window.

I packed three crucial items for staying on track while we were away:


1) My Fitbit (or any other step and heart rate monitor): if it weren’t for my Fitbit and step challenges, I would have difficulty staying on track while away. This tiny bracelet tracks everything to keep me accountable and encourage me to continue my fitness journey.

2) Workout attire – including sneakers: this one is self-explanatory…you wouldn’t want to run without the most comfortable (and adorable) workout clothes.

3) A resistance band: some days, you don’t have the opportunity to get to the gym. A resistance band is small, easy to pack and can provide you with an awesome workout.

In my two weeks away, I had the opportunity to have several sweaty cross training days, a couple of good runs, and the opportunity to use my resistance band whenever I was bored or had a few extra minutes before heading to the pool.

Finding motivation while away can be hard but all you have to do is change your perspective while on vacation. Typically you juggle your full-time job with working out and a million other things on your plate, but when you’re on vacation your day is empty. The only thing you’re juggling is nap time with pool side drinks and restaurant dining hours. Try taking an hour out of your day to explore something new by taking a run on the beach, a swim around the pool or a long walk to a breakfast café you wanted to try.


The most important part to going on vacation while training for something, is finding the balance between working your muscles, relaxing them, spending time with your husband, and splurging on two deserts (which may have happened more often than not). As Ellen DeGeneres said in Seriously…I’m Kidding, “My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.”  So that is exactly what we did. It may have been a little heavier on the pina (and the colada) side, but we certainly found a way to keep on track while having the honeymoon of our dreams.

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