Summer 2014 Wrap Up

Summer Wrap Up

How do you wrap up the best summer of your life?

It is hard to believe another summer is coming to a close. It seems like just yesterday I was planning my trip to Florida, Newfoundland and Quebec while juggling school and co-op full time.

This year may be one of the most developmental years of my life, and this summer has only proved that more. I decided to use this summer to its fullest, since it was most likely my last summer of being a carefree student. I filled this summer with travel, education and endless amounts of adventure and things I learned will stay with my forever.

This summer, especially during my 5 weeks in Quebec, I learned the importance of doing things for myself. For the first time in my life I put myself first and I never regretted a minute of it.

I learned the importance of making time for myself, along with taking time to simply enjoy life. Here are a few things my summer taught me:

I learned that…


  • getting caught in the rain in a blessing. This is the best time to dance, kiss or take a tour of Quebec with no jacket.


  • if you are offered a chocolatine for breakfast, you accept it guilt free. You may even have two..and not feel guilty.


  • when a song comes on, you dance and never stop. You only stop when security says it’s 4AM and the dance floor is closed – that’s when you take it to the street.


  • ice cream and beef jerky is a completely acceptable form of supper.


  • looking 19 (or sometimes 16) is not a reason to be frustrated, it actually will provide you with more opportunities to dance til the break of dawn or eat more ice cream for supper.



I was surprised how I changed from the girl crying in the airport with a fear to say goodbye, to the girl crying in the airport (somethings never change) not wanting to leave her independence and care-free Quebecois lifestyle.

I love the way I spent this summer. It was easily the best summer of my life and I am dreading going back to work tomorrow but with the experience I had this summer I am excited to take on any opportunity that comes my way.

So, goodbye sweet summer, thank you for all the good times. Now, let’s bring on September, my third (and final) co-op at MSVU Advancement.


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