5 things I learned in the Airport

5 Things I learned in the Airport

My adventure is only beginning and I am already learning new things. Everyone always asks why I chose Laval and not Sainte-Anne or U de M for the Explore Program and the honest answer is that I wanted to learn who I am without the influence of my friends and family. I admit, today I wish I had picked Clare or Moncton, to be closer to my families and fiancé but hoping on that plane to Quebec is the best thing I could do for myself.

I am already on the road to learning new things and I have come up with 5 things I have learned today in the airport.

1. Goodbyes are the hardest thing I have ever experienced. I hate saying goodbye to my family, friends, Glen and of course my cat, Benny. Even when I know it is only a few weeks, goodbyes never get easier. Thankfully, they do make us stronger.

2. Airports are on strict time schedules.You should always keep track of time when you are on their schedule. If you lose track of time when you’re travelling, you may miss your chance to fly. As most of you know, I am late for everything…so of course it would be a rat race to get to the airport on time.

3. If you cry in an airport, people will pity you. I am now quite comfortable crying in an airport because it happens often but the sympathy you get from people never gets old.

4. Stock up on snacks before you get to the airport. If you are “lucky” enough to get a flight over both lunch and supper, you will quickly learn that there is not many options for healthy (and tasty) meals to go. Also, it will cost you your life savings for a nasty sandwich on stale bread.

5. And lastly, there is no easy way to tell the person beside you, that you and everyone else around, can hear their awkward music loud and clear. That jazz/rock mix is actually starting to get pretty catchy.

Above all the things I learned today, I decided to wipe those tears, put a smile on and push through the anxiety because I know by the weekend I will be having the time of my life with new friends, and good food.

So the adventures continues as I route to Quebec City and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.


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