All Wrapped Up – NFLD 2014

All Wrapped Up – NFLD 2014

June has been so incredibly busy and I’m not surprised that I have no idea where it went. I flew home from Newfoundland and submerged myself in school. The month of June was dedicated to finishing up my summer course and finding my third (and final!) co-op. I have been so busy that I regret I didn’t have a chance to write up my Newfoundland wrap-up! Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Now that I have finished PR Employee Relations and have accepted my position at MSVU Advancement, I am finally ready to update you on my amazing month in Newfoundland.

After spending two weeks in Placentia, I was started to get a little anxious to hit the road for a tour around the rock. We picked up our rental car in St. John’s and headed to Terra Nova National Park. It was a rainy day so we didn’t do any trails. We tried to find a place to eat instead and NOTHING was open. We thought we were going to starve in a small town called Happy Adventure until we came across the only restaurant open. It was delicious and well worth the wait.


We also had a chance to see a few ‘burgs!


We headed up the Gander to spend the night…and that is about all I can say about Gander..we walked around a pond and ate a turkey sandwich. There wasn’t much to do.


The next morning we headed up the Corner Brook, where we had a chance to eat some sushi, walk in the park and do a little shopping. It was a beautiful little city and the mountains were amazing!


We spent the night in a cute cabin at Marble Mountain and prepared ourselves for a zip lining adventure.

The next day we woke up and ventured out to tackle Canada’s largest zipline! It was terrifying and amazing!

Here’s a quick clip of our experience:

Once we wrapped up at Marble Mountain, we headed to Gros Morne for a few trails. It was so different than the national parks we have at home. The views were breathtaking and the amount of caribou poop we found was mind-blowing.


We finished up the day by driving up to Port Au Choix for visit with the Gould/Hinks house. We were greated with a friendly smile and a warm supper. It was perfect!


The next day we spent touring around the town. We took a walk at Point Riche. The water was FREEZING, but I have never seen water as blue as Newfoundland. It was a beautiful sight to see.


We decided splurge to wrap up our trip and we rented a beautiful cabin right on the river. We had a wonderful time BBQing, hot tubbing and just spending time together.


Our final spot was St. John’s for a night on George Street and a bucket list check point to get screeched in. I shot the screech, ate the steak and kissed the cod. A perfect end to a long and great adventure.


It was hard to say goodbye but it is time to go on my next adventure. Now that I am all set for September, it is time to start packing for my summer in Quebec City. Could I honestly ask for a better life?

So, Happy Summer friends! I can’t wait to hear about your summer adventures and I look forward to sharing mine with you too!

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