The Adventure Continues..

May has been an incredible adventure so far. It has been filled with travel, fun and friends. The next stop on this adventure was Newfoundland. We have spent several days in St. John’s and now we’re living where Glen has been placed for work, Placentia.


Honestly, I was nervous to come here, but it has been a nice relaxing surprise. I spend most of my days watching tv, cooking, running and doing school work (probably in that order too!).

I have been in Placentia for almost two weeks now and it has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Ever since Glen started working away, I have been living a high stress, high responsibility and sometimes lonely life in Halifax. Being here has eliminated almost all the stress and definitely most of the loneliness. I wish I could stay forever!


My main reason for coming here was to spend more time with Glen, but in the end it became so much more than that. It has been filled with new friends, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to live my healthy, stress-free, fun-loving life to the fullest.


Although, I would never live here permanently, Newfoundland is a beautiful place to visit. I can’t wait til next week when Glen and I will venture on a roadtrip around the island. We have hopes to see icebergs, moose and more mountains!



Let the adventure continue!

Next Stop – Cape St. Mary’s. Terra Nova, Gros Morne, Corner Brook, Port Au Choix and so much more!


One thought on “The Adventure Continues..

  1. Heather Little says:

    Nice! I grew up in Port Saunders which is right next to Port Aux Choix (you have to drive through Port Saunders to get there!). Although I love NL and am proud to have my roots there I LOVE it in Halifax and am not looking to move back to the Island any time soon. I’m glad you are enjoying your time so far, I wish you lots of adventures as you travel around 🙂

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