And the Adventure Begins!

And the Adventure Begins!

Summer 2014

I apologize for not writing lately, my life has been so crazy amazing that I haven’t had time to sit down. Last week I started my summer of adventure! This summer was supposed to be filled with planning a wedding, swimming in the lake and spending time with my fiancé. But unfortunately (and fortunately!), my fiancé was transferred to Newfoundland which encouraged me to live an adventure of my own.

Everyone loves the idea of summer fun, flings and adventures, so why not take the plunge and see some new things. And that adventure starts now. Would you like to come along?



Fortunately for me, Glen was getting sick of his adventure in Newfoundland and felt the need to get away. He booked a trip to Tampa, Florida for the two of us. Not only did this adventure include beaches, roller coasters and good food, it also included a visit with our close friends Julie and Michael Fuchs!

So the first of this summer adventure included 5 days in Tampa. I loved every minute of it. For once, Glen and I actually had time to spend together, which was amazing! The sun was so hot, the food was so good and the attractions were thrilling! Tampa is surely a place to visit if you are looking for a great family getaway.


We spent the afternoon at the Lowry Park Zoo.


Tried our first Grouper!


Went to Busch Gardens!


And spent A LOT of time at the Beach!


It was a short and incredible vacation and we can’t wait to go back again soon. Now we are off to our second adventure of the summer, Newfoundland! The climate change was a bit of a shock at first, but I think my next three weeks here will be filled with great stories.

So that gets me thinking…What are your plans for summer 2014?

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I am looking forward to hearing from you!



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