A Saturday to Remember

A Saturday to Remember

Another week has flown by and lucky for me it was the week that Glen was home. We spent the week playing Nintendo during snowstorms, eating out (burger week and sushi!) and enjoying the sunshine before and after that nasty storm. Now as I have said, every week has its ups and downs, let me share with you the ups and downs of Saturday afternoon, a wonderful but extremely brutal day.

Let’s start this story off with a quote from my beautiful fiancé – “I didn’t want to tell you at the time, but I wanted to die too”. Yes friends, Glen and I spent Saturday afternoon wanting to die. Morbid right? But here…let me explain.

Glen and I woke up on the beautiful Saturday morning with kisses, cuddles and excitement for our adventure to Sugar Moon Farm. We drove the hour and a half to the beautiful community of Earltown for a delicious pancake breakfast, and if the snow was right – a snowshoe adventure!

Now, Sugar Moon Farm had a bit of a wait for breakfast. Luckily for us, it was the annual Earltown Community Pancake Brunch at the community centre. For $8, Glen and I had “all you can eat” pancakes, sausages, beans, biscuits and sweets. It was INCREDIBLE. It happens the third Saturday in March. We have now found a new tradition since we have been accepted as community members in Earltown, despite everyone (and let’s just say Earltown is a bit of an “older” community) being very confused at this young couple coming to their breakfast.

Since we were over-full of pancakes, it seemed like a good idea to hit the trail for some snowshoeing. Now I have never snow shoed before, but I like to think I am pretty fit. Glen and I love to hike, how hard could it be? The answer is hard. Really freakin hard. I don’t want to make excuses, but it probably wasn’t the best conditions for snowshoeing with the snow weighing 1 million pounds.

6.2 km, pffft that’s nothing! I can run that in less than an hour. So when it took us 30 minutes to do .5km, we should have turned around but noooooo we wanted to keep going. 1 hour in, and 1 km down…I thought the signs were joking. HOW COULD IT TAKE 1 HOUR TO SNOW SHOE 1 KM?!

Yes friends, I wanted to die…so much so, that I was afraid I wouldn’t live to see my wedding day. So Glen and I got married by a tree in the woods (I am sorry you were not invited…it was a last minute thing). The whole trail took us 3 hours. It was the hardest (and most rewarding) workout I have ever done. Who would have thought, snowshoeing! Thankfully, we did make it out alive and the rental company didn’t charge us for the unexpected extra time.

I’m not sure I have a moral to this story because I am still in shock at how difficult it really was. Maybe the moral is that I should probably listen when Glen suggests we turn around, or maybe it’s don’t go snowshoeing…ever. I am really unsure, but we did come home to an awesome chicken dinner that had been in the slow cooker all day!

Unfortunately, this week was April fools and the pranks were out of control! Since I live alone, the only prank I could pull was on Benny, the cat. I pretended like I wasn’t going to feed him, but he just laughed at how funny I am…of course I was going to feed him. What a joke!

I hope everyone has an amazing week! As for me, it will be filled with work, crocheting (did I mention I finished my first scarf?) and the gym. I am completely happy with that. What are you up to this weekend?

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