The Ups and Downs of a Week in your 20s

The Ups and Downs of a Week in your 20s

As most of you already know me, I am a considerably happy person. I live my life to encourage others and I try to keep the world smiling on a daily basis. This project isn’t a way of me telling the world I am depressed. By all means, I am nowhere near depressed, but I could be happier. Everyone could! So why not give it a whirl?

My idea for this blog came a few weeks ago, when my boss asked me to learn how to use WordPress. Here is my way of learning – using it, duh! But as I was learning to use it, my mind filled with great ideas for my own blog. So I set up my blog, put a few pictures in and forgot about it. It wasn’t until last week, when I was filled with so much happiness and excitement for the life I was living that I remembered – I really want to be a blogger! I am a Public Relations, major after all.

With that being said, let’s begin! As I said, last week I had a great week. I was meeting with friends every day, I was trying new things and I was hitting my fitness goals to I tee. I called Glen every night with enthusiasm to share all the exciting things I had been doing.

First of all, I learned to crochet! How crazy is that? Me – Crafty? That is impossible but yes I did it. And honestly, I think I am pretty good at it. Crocheting has become huge anxiety relief for me, not to mention a great social event. I meet up with several of my friends a couple times a week at a café where we can “Stitch and Bitch”, it is phenomenal. This project has done wonders for me and has really boosted my daily happiness (but that might just be the gelato talking).

Another great part of my week was that I decided to cut and color my hair. I have never colored my hair (aside from once in second year university that I put wash-out purple streaks in my hair…I am so wild)! This was way too much fun. My new hairdresser was so sweet. I was nervous about it, even though it was a simple change but it was something new and it contributed greatly to my confidence.

It’s not normal that I try this many new things in one week, but for some reason I was on a roll: so much of a roll that I didn’t even want Glen to come home because I was having so much fun. Friday night came around and after a full week of weight training, a couple outside runs (yay!) and a yoga class, a few friends and I decided to give Hot Yoga a try at Moksha. They have a $5 Karma class on Friday nights and I was really nervous about this. Yoga is one thing but doing it in a room that is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit is just plain crazy. I have never sweat so much in my entire life and I work out every day. It felt so good to get all those toxins out of my body and stretch. Thankfully, I do not have a picture to share of my incredibly sweaty body…you’re welcome.

I had a great week! Nothing could bring me down, so I thought. But with all the good that happens in our young adult lives, sometimes there is some discouragement. I am a health freak. I love to eat healthy (and I mean REALLY healthy) and I work out at least once, and often twice a day. I started this new program a month ago called Jamie Eason’s LivFit. I was feeling sexier every day from weight training. I have never been more confident in the changes in my body, until I went to Goodlife Saturday morning to get my vitals checked. I brought my old wrinkled piece of paper from my last test, and I was certain I had lowered my body fat percentage.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t lost any. But how could that be? I work so hard! I eat so well! I’ll be honest with you, I was crushed. I did my workout and went home to cry.

But here’s the thing – I didn’t want that minor setback to ruin my day, let alone my amazing week. As discouraged as I was, I made an appointment with the manager at Goodlife to see what I was possibly doing wrong. I also decided to make a few changes to my diet which is actually a lot less stressful than the diet I was currently on (Glen and I are going for burgers tonight, and it actually fits right into my macros)! I am starting this week with a new outlook on my happiness project and weight goals. I am living for today and for my happiness, not the number on the scale or the percentage of fat I have. I know I am healthy and I know I have an incredible lifestyle. So, I am ending this blog with encouragement, strength, and of course happiness.

Also: How could I EVER be discouraged when I just found out that Hot Yoga opened in the Parklane Goodlife and my membership allows me 2 free sessions…jackpot! Could life get any better?

Hope you all have an amazing week!

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